“It’s the thinking, stupid!”

3 min readNov 11, 2020


The month of July, in Mumbai, is the rain’s favorite time. Nature rains so mercilessly, as if it does not want to forgive the output of urbanization. Apy rings the bell. Drenched. His dad opens the door and frowns at home there itself.

“Why the hell don’t you use an umbrella?” dad scolded. Apy, as usual, was in his mindful mood, who does not want to miss the hangover caused by the rain.

Apy took a hot water bath and prepared a turmeric milk for himself and dad. He serves it hot. Dad was not focused at enjoying the milk since he was mesmerized by his favorite TV news anchor. Even if the volume is turned low, the anchor’s voice echoes. Apy knows that he is helpless to rescue his dad from toxification.

“Oh..these rascals, they should be sent to Pakistan!” exclaimed dad.

“What would we gain from doing so?” Apy instantly asked.

“These cretins are useless and do no good to our nation. Who the hell they are to question our government?” Dad replied after a pause. His milk cup turned mild, whilst the news debate became ‘heat of the hour’

Apy was feeling numb by hearing how vehemently the news debate anchor was toxifying the narratives. If his mind were not mindful, he would become like his dad. Apy always has been curious about things. His apocryphal attitude towards the nature of realities have always invited wrath, backlash and some social ostracization but still he did not yield in.

The debate show came to an end, luckily. Apy switched to some other entertainment channel.

“So, how was your day?” dad asked

“It was, as usual, just another wonderful day”

Dad stood up from his sofa seat and sat close to Apy.

“Look, son, I got to know about a few things today. About you, of course. I am disappointed and taken aback at your tweets. If you really want to think for yourself, you can settle down in caves. That’d be great!”

Apy realised that he will grill him for his freedom to express. The nation’s landscape came to such a momentum that freedom to think freely was almost like finding a diamond in the mines.

“Dad, what matters is what I think rather than just feel. You already know that I won’t alter my views to appease anyone. Those who are snooping my tweets are the ones who do not care about you either. They just complain to you about me.” explained Apy

“No, they do not complain. They care for you so they inform me to help you tone down. What are you going to achieve from these tweets?”

Apy took a deep breath. He smiled at his dad’s ignorance. Although his subconscious mind knows that no amount of clarification or justification will convince his dad but he gave it a try. “Dad, I know my tweets or thoughts won’t shift any inch of pillar in the society but that does not mean I stop thinking for myself. I do not think thinking is illegal yet. It is not even taxed. Let me think.” He paused. He blinked his eye twice, out of mild anxiety, and continued, “I owe no explanation to those who conspicuously care for me. I am responsible for what I think. If I do not think, I just become another dead fish in the river stream.”

“Listen, idiot, stop this drama. There are legal repercussions for what you tweet and all. I won’t bail you and it’s up to you!” Dad put forward his view infuriatingly. Apy tried justifying that his tweets are his thoughts intended at the failure of political governance, social apathy and gender injustice. Dad paid no heed as the clouds of ego and arrogance shrouded his mind.

Apy was holding his grudges. He was still pretending to be a face of tranquility. He realized that he is feeling helpless. Finding a light at the end of a tunnel sounds mere fictional during this national point of time. He pitied. He stood up and went to his bed, leaving the conversation in between. He plugged his earphones and switched on the podcast and uttered “it’s thinking, stupid!”




A libertarian professor based in Mumbai, youtubing at times, and reading books all-the-time. I write too. Dhamma practitioner.