Where to find happiness?

If happiness were a destination, then by now it would be found. But yet mankind is incoherently immersed in seeking happiness outside of its’ own “self”.

Happiness is a subjective state of the phenomenon. To understand happiness is to invite But what exactly is happiness? Where do we find it? suffering. To locate happiness is to entice suffering. To define happiness is to entertain suffering. And, to decode happiness is to play the death knell!

When it’s known that everything lacks an intrinsic identity of itself, why do we believe that the state of happiness is never changing?

If happiness is having a solid foundation, why are self-claimed happier people still emotionally bleak or socially nihilist?

If you possess a zen experience of your relationship with yourself and this phenomenal reality, you will come to a state of realization that happiness is not found outside or anywhere else.

Yes, there are ‘many’ individuals who have to equate the standards of ‘happiness’ with wealth, career, success, partner, car, position, etc. But sadly, our own life on this planet is impermanent. So, is our ‘happiness’.

Buddha stated, “everything is temporary, everything changes, everything is subjected to decay.”

Happiness lacks its’ own identity and it’s empty of itself. It comes, without any label or judgment, per se. And, this is not to say that happiness, as a reality, does not exist but it ceases to exist when it is not experienced inside than outside. If happiness is not an impermanent thing, we would not be ‘actually’ valuing the states of suffering, right?

There are many questions that will go unanswered. Neither can be so easily answered by even ‘happier’ individuals.

The brutal fact, even if you are to deconstruct using the scientific laws of quantum physics, happiness is eventually empty of itself. Happiness, as understood, is a conventional fact, not an absolute reality.

Happiness, like sadness, is perspective and impermanent states of mind, hugely facilitated by neurosis, especially when dopamine and serotonin have a bigger role to play.

With all due respect to the philosophies on existentialism and nihilism out there, happiness is not a tangible or an intangible phenomenon. It might be a social construct, disguising itself as an unrecognized ponzi-scheme but happiness or sadness are eventually the subordinates to an enlightened being who is beyond the matrix of feeling and unfeeling joyousness or any other bliss.



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A libertarian professor based in Mumbai, youtubing at times, and reading books all-the-time. I write too. Dhamma practitioner.